Reusable Face Masks – Monzi Covers What You Need To Know

A reusable face mask may help keep you, the people around you and your local community safe as Australia and the world deals with an on-going pandemic. However, if you’ve never had to wear a mask before, then you may be unaware of what to look for. That’s why Monzi’s here to break it down for you. Read on for our guide to reusable face masks. Let’s go.

Reusable face masks Australia

Face masks are fast becoming part of the ‘new normal.’ With the on-going health crisis unfolding in front of our eyes, it may be worth having a reusable face mask available when you need it. That way, if you’d like to wear a mask for your peace of mind or if you must wear one due to government regulations, you won’t have to rush out and buy one.

In most cases, these reusable masks will be made out of cotton or similar, synthetic fabrics. The key benefit of a reusable mask is that you can wear it again and again. As a result, they are often more durable and useful than the standard disposal face mask that you may need to replace after each wear. That said, you will need to take care and wash your mask properly to ensure you’re not potentially putting yourself or others at risk.

While that outlines the basics of what reusable face masks are, there’re so much more that you may need to know. Continue reading to find out more with Monzi. Our reusable face mask guide could help you find the right mask today.

Where can I buy reusable face masks in Australia?

While in the past, reusable face masks were a rather niche item, these days, things are a little different. Many leading retailers now sell reusable face masks in a range of different colours and styles. Moreover, many independent sellers online will too. As a result, you’re spoilt for choice.

With this, if you’re in a rush and need a new mask today, then you may be better off buying a mask in person. However, if you’re happy to wait, then you can buy reusable face masks online. Obviously, this is a much more convenient option. However, you will need to factor in the shipping time.

In any case, if you need to buy a reusable mask, you shouldn’t have any troubles finding one. Have a look today.

How do I wash my reusable mask?

In order for your reusable mask to be effective, you must wash it. In most cases, your mask will come with instructions outlining how to wash your mask. If it doesn’t, then some handy tips include:

  • Wash your mask by hand in warm, soapy water. Note that some masks may be machine washable (check the tags).
  • Put your mask in the sun to dry and do not wear it until it is completely dry.
  • Always wash your hands with soap and water after handling your mask.
  • Try to wash your mask regularly. While it is recommended that you wash it after each wear, this may not always be possible. In these situations, take care when handling your mask.

Are they better than disposable masks?

Reusable face masks come with many benefits that may make them a more sensible option for you when compared to common, disposable masks. As a guide, these benefits include:

  • Can be washed and re-worn. As a result, you can save money, given that you are not required to continually replace your mask.
  • Reusable masks may be made from a more comfortable material.
  • You can potentially make your own.
  • They result in less waste, meaning they may be more sustainable and better for the environment.

Note that these benefits typically relate to practicality. In other words, reusable masks may be more cost-effective. However, when it comes to stopping the spread of particles, you may need to do further research. That said, a reusable cloth face mask should usually provide sufficient protection when used simply as a face cover.

Should I wear a mask?

In most cases, it’s up to you. If a mask is not mandatory in your local area, you are still free to wear one. As a guide, it’s usually a good idea to wear one if you are sick and plan on venturing into a public location. While it may not necessarily stop you from spreading your illness, it may reduce the likelihood of transmission. Similarly, if you are part of a vulnerable population, then wearing a mask may be prudent.

In some circumstances, masks may be made mandatory as has been seen over recent times. In these situations, you must wear a mask any time you will be close to others in public. That’s where a reusable mask can come in handy. Moreover, things can change quickly during a pandemic, so it’s usually better to be prepared.

Will a mask stop me getting sick?

Wearing a mask is not a sure-fire way to avoid getting sick. Instead, it is simply one method that should be used in conjunction with other personal hygiene practices to limit the likelihood that you may contract an illness. For instance, regular hand-washing. Moreover, it may decrease the chances of passing on any illness you have to another person via airborne particles.

In addition to this, another benefit of wearing a mask is that it may stop you from touching your face. This can be one way to reduce the likelihood of transferring viruses and bacteria from surfaces that you touch to your mouth or nose. As a result, it can potentially decrease the chances of your becoming sick.

So, while a mask may not always stop you getting sick, it can still be an effective practice to limit your exposure to certain particles. In addition to this, it may also help protect those around you if you are sick.

How can I make my own reusable face mask?

If you’re an expert with a sewing machine or just love to get creative, you may not need to buy a reusable face mask. Instead, you can just make your own. Not only could it potentially save you money, but you will be able to tailor it to your preferences too. For instance, you can pick the fabric that you like the best. In addition to this, you’ll also experience the sense of achievement that comes with doing it yourself.

As a guide, you will typically need the following:

  • Fabric for the outside
  • Fabric for the lining
  • Elastic for the straps
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Other sewing necessities (e.g. pins, thread, etc.).

For instructions, do some research. There are many websites and videos out there that can run you through the process step-by-step. Best of all, if you can learn how to make them, then you may be able to sell some too. As a result, it could become a handy side business.

Which is the best reusable face mask?

Unfortunately, Monzi cannot say for sure. After all, it may come down to your preferences. In other words, the best face mask for you may not always be the best face mask for another. Given this, you may need to shop around to find a suitable option.

With this, it’s important to read reviews online. While some masks may be adjustable, others may not be. As a result, if you buy a mask that doesn’t properly fit, then you often cannot return it. That’s why you must read online reviews to get an idea of how breathable it is and how it may fit you.

At the end of the day, finding the best mask is up to you. Aim to find one that is durable and provides the protection you need.

How do I find the right one?

When it comes to buying a reusable face mask, there are a few factors that you may need to consider to ensure that you get the right one. As a guide, this may include:

  • The material: not all masks will be made of the same material. While cotton is the standard option, there may be other options too.
  • The shape: some masks are flat, while others may take a more duck-bill like shape. While both options may be effective, consider what you prefer.
  • How many layers does the mask have: health authorities recommend masks with three layers. However, before purchasing your mask, read reviews online to ensure it is breathable.
  • The fit: this is the most important factor. Your mask should fit on your face without allowing air to leak out the side or the top. If air is leaking, then your mask may be ineffective. With this, consider looking for a mask that you can mould to your nose.

How do I properly wear a reusable face mask?

A properly worn mask should fit snugly over your nose and mouth. With this, no air should escape via the top, sides or bottom. Some masks may come with a flexible top allowing you to mould the mask to the shape of your nose.

If the mask is loose or falling down, then it likely is not the right fit for you. In addition, the mask should not hang open on your neck. Finally, if the mask is wet, then it may be ineffective and you may need to wear a different mask.

Can disposable face masks be reused?


If you decide that you prefer a disposable mask over a reusable face mask, then you must note that these masks shouldn’t be reused. Instead, you will typically need to replace it after each wear with a fresh mask. That said, there may be certain cleaning procedures that you can follow that may allow you to wear a disposable mask again.

In any case, this is the key benefit of a reusable mask. As they are reusable, if you clean them properly, then you can wear them again and again. Moreover, as they are typically made out of cotton or other similar fabrics, they are often much more durable and will last longer than a standard disposable mask.

So, if you need a mask that’s going to last, buying a reusable mask may be the best option for you.

Is a reusable cotton face mask effective enough to protect me?

A reusable cotton face mask should be sufficient for the general population. Often, these masks will be required when on public transport or in crowded public spaces (e.g. shopping centres). The goal here is to potentially limit the spread of any illness.

That said, medical masks such as P2 or N95 masks are more effective and can protect people from infection. However, these products should typically only be used by vulnerable individuals or those in the medical field who may come in close contact with the sick or elderly. If you are a healthy adult, then a reusable mask should be sufficient. Although, it won’t protect you completely from illness.

Man in red shirt wearing a reusable face mask

Do I need to wear a mask at home?

Generally, no.

If the government implements a mask-mandate, then this will typically only apply to public spaces and shops (e.g. supermarkets, public transport, etc.). However, in some cases, it may extend to your car or other locations. It almost certainly will not apply to private homes, unless you have visitors. However, ensure you read widely to determine the rules applied in your local area.

In addition to this, keep in mind that if you are sick and do live with other people, then wearing a mask may be a smart decision. In addition to this, stay isolated and distanced from others. That way, you could potentially reduce the likelihood of transmitting your illness to your fellow occupants.

Ultimately, if you are sick, that doesn’t mean that everyone must be too. Take any steps that you can to avoid spreading your illness.

How do I remove my mask without spreading contaminants?

While putting your mask on is easy, you must be careful when you take it off. After all, the last thing that you want to do is undo the good work that you did in the first place by wearing your mask.

So, when you arrive home and remove your mask, ensure you follow these steps:

  1. Remove your mask using the ties, straps or ear loops. With this, take the mask off from behind your head and pull the loops forward so that the mask comes away from your face.
  2. Ensure that you do not touch the front of the mask under any circumstances.
  3. Safely place your mask in the washing machine or in the location that you will clean it.
  4. Wash your hands with soap and water after removing your mask.

Obviously, you may not always be able to wash your mask as soon as you remove it. In any case, follow the other instructions. Always avoid touching the front on your mask and ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after taking it off.

When should I replace reusable face masks AU?

The main selling point of a reusable face mask is in the name. They’re reusable. As a result, you can potentially wear them dozens of times before you even need to think about replacing them. Eventually, though, they will become worn and may need to be replaced.

Typically, you should look to replace your current reusable face mask if:

  • The straps become worn
  • Your mask no longer fits tightly
  • The material has holes or tears
  • The fabric has become thinner

Note that there may be other situations in which you must replace your mask. This is simply a list of common examples.

Where to buy reusable face masks near me?

As you might expect, as the demand for face masks has risen over the last 12 months, so too has the supply. As a result, if you’re looking for where to buy reusable face masks in your local area, then there should be plenty of options. It doesn’t matter whether you need reusable face masks Brisbane or reusable face masks Melbourne. You might even be looking for reusable face masks in Sydney.

In short, you may be able to buy these masks from locations ranging from your local grocery shop to your favourite clothing boutique. With a range of styles and patterns on offer too, you may be able to shop around to find one that fits your sense of style. That said, a plain black mask will still do the same job as one with polka dots.

However, if you prefer to shop online, then that’s OK too. After all, it’s usually much more convenient. Do your research and you should find plenty of options. From there, you can purchase it and have it shipped straight to your home. Just keep in mind that this may not be an option if you need a mask urgently.

Reusable face masks Australian made

If you’re an Aussie, it’s always good to support local businesses. After all, they’re often just like you. As a result, you may be looking for an Australian-made reusable face mask. With this, there should be plenty of options.

Do your research to find retailers or other independent sellers in your area. Often, clothing boutiques or other speciality stores should be able to help you. In addition to this, you could even head down to your local markets and find a stall selling the masks you need. With this, you may be able to find a range of cool designs to set yourself apart from the crowd.

At the end of the day, if you’re after a reusable mask in today’s day and age, you should be able to find them. However, it’s always a good idea to support local business. As a result, buying Australian-made should always be something that you consider.

How do I keep up with the latest news?

In the current world, it feels like things are changing every day. Sometimes you must wear a face mask, other times there’s no need. Given this, it’s important to keep up-to-date with the latest rules and procedures in your local area.

In Australia, one key resource will be the Department of Health website. Check it out today for all the latest news. In addition to this, ensure you are tracking trusted news sources as well to ensure you don’t miss any changes.

Finally, keep in mind that the government doesn’t need to mandate masks for you to wear one. If you are at all concerned about your health, then don’t hesitate to wear your reusable face mask every day. Or, just keep it nearby. You never know when you might need it.

Are there different types of reusable masks?

Most reusable face masks will be fairly similar. However, there may be slight differences in the shape as well as the loops or ties that attach the mask to your face. Given this, the mask that you choose usually comes down to a matter of preference.

Beginning with the shape, common examples include flat, folded and duckbill. Each will look slightly different and will provide a different experience when you wear them. For example, a flat mask will almost sit against your mouth, whereas folded or duckbills may provide more space. As a result, it’s up to you to determine the look and feel you prefer.

Once you’ve selected your preferred shape, you’ll then need to select the right ties or loops. See below for a quick outline of your options.

Ear loops

This will be the standard type for most masks. Typically, ear loops are usually non-adjustable but will stretch back and around your ears to hold your mask firmly in place. Generally, this is considered the most convenient and readily-available option. In some cases, ear loops may be elastic, meaning they can stretch depending on your head size.


Bungees are adjustable ear loops that you may change to better suit the size of your head. In other words, they may be tightened or loosened depending on what you need. As a result, you can ensure that your mask fits tightly, providing the necessary protection that you need. With this, though, keep in mind that the elastic may wear out over time, meaning you may need to replace your mask eventually.


Your final option could be a face mask with ties. Generally, this will be the least convenient option as you will need to tie your mask up each time that you wear it. Usually, the ties stretch around to the back of the head where you can do them up in a knot. If you find that your ears are getting sore from loops, ties will eliminate that issue.

How do I stop my glasses fogging up?

If you wear glasses, you probably know how frustrating wearing a mask can be. The warm air from your nose can escape from the top of the mask leading to your glasses fogging up. As a result, you continually need to wipe them, just so that you can see clearly. While this can be maddening, luckily, there are some solutions.

Firstly, one easy tip is to wash your lenses with soapy water just before you put your mask on. With this, wipe off any excess water but try to let the lenses dry by themselves, where possible. Alternatively, wipe them gently with a tissue. The idea behind this is that the soap leaves behind a film on the lenses. This creates a barrier that may stop your glasses from getting foggy.

If this option doesn’t work, then you may need to assess the kind of mask you’re using and how it fits your face. With this, look for a mask that you can mould to your nose. Similarly, ensure that the mask fits tightly on your face. The goal is to ensure that your breath cannot leak out the top of your mask.

A final option may be to tape your mask to the bridge of your nose to ensure that no air can escape out the top. If you do this successfully, then your fog problem should be eliminated.

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Reusable face masks Australia and Monzi

That brings Monzi’s guide to buying reusable face masks to a close. Throughout, we’ve attempted to provide you with all the information you need to help you decide which mask is right for you. Now, it’s up to you to find the one that fits your needs. With the situation constantly changing and masks becoming mandatory at certain times, having a reusable mask tucked away just in case is never a bad idea.

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