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Cash loans for bad credit history with Monzi

Have bills to pay but not quite sure how to pay them? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Monzi Loans may be able to find you bad credit ledners – and it’s a super fast application process!

Therefore, if you’re in a tight spot and need fast cash loans, you’re not alone. After all, we all have unexpected expenses that pop up – and usually at the worst time! So, whether it’s urgent dental surgery or new sports equipment for the kids, we can help you find a lender.

Additionally, when you need cash in a hurry, the last thing you want is a complicated loan application that takes ages. In short, that’s why we aim to make the loan process easy and stress-free. So, want to know more of what Monzi Short Term Loans is all about? Simply read on!

Introducing Monzi Loans

At Monzi Loans, we don’t waste time. Put simply, we try and find lenders that may offer cash loans for bad credit history, fast. In short, you can complete an application with Monzi Loans and, depending on the time you apply, we’ll get straight on to finding you a lender. However, if you apply outside of business hours we’ll begin our search first thing the next business day.

Monzi Emergency Loans is here to take away the stress of the application process. Put simply, we do all the hard work for you and, instead, let you focus on the more important things in life. Therefore, you no longer need to wade through endless pages of Google results trying to find a lender.

Additionally, you no longer have to worry about finding random documents for different lenders you have applied to. After all, with our fast, 100% online applications that are paperwork free, we’ve made the process that much simpler.

So, sit back and let us do our best to try and find a lender for you.

Cash loans bad credit history

Short term cash loans are a form of credit that can be applied for easily online and have a repayment period of several months. You may still be able to qualify for these loans, despite having bad credit. By using Monzi’s lender finder service, you can now be put in touch with a bad credit lender in no time!

After all, your credit score isn’t the only thing that our partner lenders look at when you apply through the Monzi Loans website. Put simply, our partner lenders also care about how you manage your money today. So, while a credit score is definitely important, our lenders also look at other factors in your application to get the whole picture.

Short term loans for bad credit

If you’ve been searching online for short term loans for bad credit, Monzi could find you a lender who may be able to offer a maximum of $10,000. Additionally, when people are searching for bad credit loans, they often search the below terms:

Search TermAmount $ (AUD)Approved
Cash Loans For Centrelink Customers With Bad Credit800
24/7 Instant Cash Loans For Bad Credit1,200
Quick Cash Loans For Bad Credit3,500
Cash loans for bad credit rating4,100
Quick cash loans for unemployed bad credit4,150
Fast cash loans for unemployed bad credit Australia9,000

Disclaimer: The above amounts and search terms are for demonstrative purposes only. They do not, in any way, reflect the terms of your loan nor the amount which you may be approved for.

Can you find cash loans for Centrelink customers with bad credit?

With one application through Monzi, you could be paired with a lender who may be able to offer cash loans for Centrelink customers with bad credit. Additionally, there are some great advantages to using Monzi’s lender-finder service.

  • It is easy to apply for Monzi’s lender-finder service. Therefore with one, simple application, we can try and find you a lender within minutes.
  • Not only is our application simple, but you are also able to nominate the amount you’re thinking of borrowing, as well as your ideal repayment terms.
  • Short term loans, unlike regular loans, which may take weeks to reach you, can often be accessed within 24 hours of approving your loan contract. This is, however, dependent on inter-bank transfer times.
  • Monzi may, additionally, find lenders who are happy to offer loans to Centrelink customers.
  • Even if you have poor credit, Monzi may still be able to find you a lender.

Can you get a personal loan with a credit score of 550?

While lenders will view a credit score of 550 as average, Monzi could still potentially find you a lender willing to offer the loan you need.

Essentially, Equifax is the country’s largest credit reporting bureau, and scores you with their Equifax score, which is a number between 0 and 1200. You are, additionally, able to get a copy of your credit score from Equifax themselves.

Below is a break down of the different Equifax score bands, and what they mean:

0-509Below average to averageYou are in the bottom 20% of Equifax’s credit-active population. Therefore, it’s more likely an adverse event will be recorded on your credit file in the next 12 months.
510-621AverageYou are in the bottom 21 – 40% of the credit-active population. It is likely that you will incur an adverse event on your credit file within the next 12 months.
622-725GoodYou are in the mid-range (41 – 60%) of Equifax’s credit-active population. Therefore, adverse events are less likely to be recorded for the next 12 months.
726-832Very GoodThis score places you within the second-highest percentile range of the credit-active population (61 – 80%). An adverse event is less is unlikely to be recorded on your credit file within the next 12-months.
833-1200ExcellentYou are in the top percentile range (81 – 100%) of the credit-active population. Therefore, an adverse event is highly unlikely to be recorded on your credit file over the next 12-months.

Can I get a car loan with a 500 credit score?

Yes, potentially. However, as with cash loans for bad credit, your credit score isn’t the only thing that lenders will consider. In short, you must be in a secure financial position and earning a regular income too.

With this, it’s worth understanding that two borrowers with identical credit scores could receive different outcomes. On the one hand, a borrower with a 500 credit score who has their budget in order may be approved for a car loan from $5,000 to $30,000. On the other hand, a different borrower with a 500 credit score that is struggling to secure a consistent income may be denied.

As a result, while a 500 credit score may be good enough to be approved for a new or used car loan, it alone will not mean that approval is certain.

I need 24/7 instant cash loans for bad credit

Being 100% online, you can use Monzi’s lender-finder service whenever and wherever you want. Therefore, from 2:00 am on a Saturday, to midday on a public holiday, you are able to apply with Monzi. Keep in mind, however, that the lender you may be paired with will generally operate during normal business hours.

Additionally, note that there may be times throughout the week or over the weekend, where lenders will be unable to assess your application. If this is the case, they should be able to assess your application when they are back in their office.

Can I get a loan against my car with bad credit?

Attaching a vehicle as security in your loan application may even improve your chances of being approved for a loan. This is due to security protecting the lender in the event that you are unable to repay your loan. In other words, if you default on your loan or can’t pay it back, the asset can be seized and sold to make up for the lost money.

Keep in mind, however, that you must be the registered owner of a vehicle to be able to attach it as security. Additionally, Monzi works with lenders that may be able to offer secured loans ranging from $2,100 to $10,000. The final decision is, ultimately, up to the lender themselves. Therefore, the terms of your secured loan may vary between lenders.

Can you find online cash loans for bad credit?

Monzi works with a network of online cash loan lenders. Therefore, even if you have poor credit, you may still be able to qualify for a cash loan. This is due to the fact that Monzi works with lenders who may be able to consider more than just your credit score.

In short, lenders may prefer to look at your current relationship with money, rather than just your credit score. If they can, especially, see you are receiving an adequate income, and are making other sound financial decisions, you may be considered for approval. Therefore, if you have poor credit, consider using Monzi’s lender-finder service. Additionally, you may be able to apply for a loan of up to $10,000.

What about quick cash loans for bad credit?

At Monzi, we understand that if you have an unexpected expense, chances are you want to be able to access your loan ASAP. We have, consequently, designed our lender-finder service to be as streamlined and as time efficient as possible.

Additionally, our online form could only take a few minutes to fill out and complete. From there, our automated system will scan through hundreds of different loan products to find you a lender. Finally, you could have this all done within minutes!

If we match you with a suitable lender, they should be in touch. They will conduct their own assessment of your application and, if you’re approved, send through a digital loan contract. From here, processing times will vary between lender to lender. Keep in mind, however, that access to funds will be dependent on inter-bank transfer times.

Unemployed cash loans for bad credit

When it comes to lending money, credit providers will often view both unemployment and bad credit as red flags. As a result, a combination of the two may make it extremely difficult to access the loans that you need. However, it may not be impossible.

In short, as we’ve discussed, it may be possible to access bad credit loans online. However, if you’re unemployed too then there is a significant condition that you must meet.

In short, you must prove that you are earning some form of consistent income (e.g. benefit payments). Without this, you will be unable to repay your loan and your application will be denied.

Finally, keep in mind that even with income, approval is not certain. Loans for unemployed are rarely offered and lender’s retain the right to approve or deny applications where they see fit.

Same day cash loans for bad credit

When you apply with Monzi, we cannot guarantee if you will be receive approval on the same day. While they may be possible, there are a number of boxes that must be checked for you to receive your cash the same day.

In any case, to give yourself the best chance then the most important thing is to apply during business hours. In addition to this, you must ensure that you supplied all the necessary details when you applied. The combination of these two things means that you may be paired with a lender and receive an outcome ASAP.

If everything goes to plan and you are approved then your lender will transfer your cash. At that point, access to your cash will be determined by your bank’s transfer times.

So, while it may be possible to receive quick loans on the same day, there are no guarantees. In some cases, you may need to wait until the following business day.

Payday loans for bad credit instant approval

Instant payday loans are all about getting you the cash you need fast. In other words, when you apply, lenders will waste no time and will assess your application immediately so that you receive an outcome ASAP.

Best of these small, unsecured cash loans up to $2,000 are a short-term commitment that may be repaid in just 12 months. As a result, they exist to help you cover those minor expenses that tend to appear from time-to-time.

One thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to payday loans instant approval, there will always be some waiting time involved. After all, lenders must assess your application to ensure that you can afford the loan. As a result, instant approval simply means that you might receive an outcome before you know it.

Weekend payday cash loans for bad credit

Need cash on the weekend? It may be possible.

At Monzi, we’ve made sure that our website is live 24/7. As a result, you can apply whenever suits you best. That includes weekends and weeknights too. From there, we’ll do what we can to match you with an available lender from our network.

However, keep in mind that weekend approval loans aren’t always possible. Moreover, applications received outside of standard business hours often encounter delays due to the fact that lenders may not conduct assessments during these times. As a result, you may need to wait until the following business day to receive an outcome.

No credit check loans: are they available?

Instant loans no credit check can seem like a handy option if you’ve got bad credit. After all, without a credit check, how would a lender know that you’re a bad credit borrower?

Unfortunately, Monzi cannot guarantee if any lenders will offer loans without a credit check. While some may, for others, a credit check will be a non-negotiable feature of your loan assessment. As a result, their availability may depend on the lender that you are dealing with.

In any case, even if you are not offered no credit check loans instant approval, all is not lost. As we’ve discussed, cash loans for bad credit have never been more accessible. While lenders may look at your credit, they will also assess your financial situation too.

As a result, if you’re in a secure financial position then it may still be possible to access online credit even with a few mistakes in your past. However, approval is not certain.

Cash loans for bad credit celebrated by man climbing mountain

Bad credit guide

While we’ve focused on bad credit finance, it’s worth understanding how you got into this situation in the first place. So, we’ve assembled this quick guide to your credit history. We’ll look at credit scores and reports as well as the things that you can do to turn your bad credit history around. Let’s go:

Credit reports explained

In short, your credit report is a record of your credit-related behaviours that is held by a credit reporting agency (e.g. Experian). It lists both positive and negative aspects of how you’ve managed your credit accounts and provides lenders with a quick and easy way to get an idea of your creditworthiness. That is, how reliable are you as a borrower?

By assessing your credit report via a credit check, lenders can then determine whether or not you should be offered a personal loan with poor credit. As a result, it’s crucial to manage your credit well. While a few mistakes here or there might not seem like a big deal, if you’re looking to take out a loan, they could potentially result in you being turned away.

What’s listed on my credit report?

Your credit report is made up of a number of listings. These listings relate to various credit activities and will typically remain on your report for between two and seven years, depending on the type of listing.

In any case, as a guide, common listings found on your credit report include:

  • Personal details (e.g. name and address).
  • Two years of repayment history
  • Credit inquiries
  • Credit account details: types, ages, limits, amounts.
  • Loan defaults and debt settlements
  • Bankruptcies

Credit scores: what are they and how are they calculated?

Your credit score is a single figure that represents your creditworthiness. In short, it’s calculated via an algorithm that takes into all the details listed on your credit report (e.g. credit accounts, repayment history, defaults, etc). The higher your score, the more reliable you have been as a borrower.

In Australia, your credit score will fall somewhere between 0 and 1000 or 1200, depending on the credit bureau that you are dealing with. From there, your score will then be allocated into one of five categories ranging from below average to excellent. This may have an impact when it comes to applying for a loan and the rate you are offered.

In some cases, lenders may offer risk-based finance, where your interest rate is tied to your credit score. As a result, you may be rewarded if you’re a good credit borrower.

Can I improve my credit score?


Improving your credit is possible, however, it’s worth understanding that it will take time and discipline. After all, your credit history reflects your past behaviours as a borrower so a few changes here or there won’t be enough to erase your past mistakes.

While that may seem daunting, it’s not as hard as you may think. All you need to do is implement a number of simple yet effective borrowing habits and maintain them over time. If you can do that then slowly but surely you should see improvements and bad credit loans instant approval could become a thing of the past.

As a guide, strategies that you can implement include:

  • Pay your bills and debt repayments on time.
  • Keep credit balances low.
  • Open new credit accounts only when you need them.
  • Find the best deal (e.g. lowest personal loans rates) before opening a credit account.
  • Monitor your credit report regularly to ensure that there are no errors.

Can I see my credit report?

Of course.

All you need to do is contact the relevant credit reporting agency and request a copy. They will then mail it to you and it should arrive within two weeks. Best of all, it won’t cost you a cent as all Australians are entitled to one copy annually.

If you would like to access a copy more than once a year or want to receive it sooner then that’s possible too. However, you may need to pay a fee.

Do failed cash loans applications harm your credit score?

Unfortunately, an unsuccessful application will often harm your credit score.

If you apply for a quick loan with bad credit and are rejected then a hard credit inquiry will be listed on your credit report. A cluster of inquiries in a short period of time will actively work to reduce your credit score.

As a result, it’s crucial to ensure that you have your financial situation in order before applying for a loan. That way, you can give yourself the best chance to be approved and can minimise the number of inquiries listed on your report.

What do I need to apply for instant cash loans for bad credit history?

We keep this part pretty simple. Therefore, before you can use our lender-finder service, just make sure you meet the below criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Have an active email address and mobile number.
  • Have been receiving income into a personal bank account for the past 90 days minimum.

Applying with Monzi Loans

Cash loans for people with bad credit shouldn’t be hard to apply for, right? Well, that’s why our application process is lean and straightforward! Therefore, within minutes, you’ll be done with your application and we can start trying to find you a lender.

Remember the days when you’d have to scan and upload loads of documents for a loan application? Well, at Monzi Loans we hate wasting time on paperwork. That’s why we’ve made our application process 100% online. You can enter all the info we need digitally, via our website. In short, it’s quick, easy, and completely hassle-free!

Applying with Monzi Loans couldn’t be easier. Put simply, our fast application should only take a few minutes of your time and is designed to be stress-free.

Step one

Begin by scrolling up to the top of this page and indicating how much you are looking to borrow and for how long. Next, click ‘Apply Now’ to get the ball rolling.

Step two

Here, we’ll grab some basic details from you, such as your name, phone number, email address, postage address and the reason you’re for applying for a loan.

Step three

From here, we’ll get you to submit your internet banking credentials so we can look at a read-only copy of your bank statements from the last 3 months. Then, we securely forward these to any potential lender that we may find for you so that they can start assessing your application as soon as they receive it.

Step four

Next, if we do manage to find you a lender, we provide them with your application information and then they will conduct their own assessment. Additionally, if they approve you for a loan, they will then get in contact with you to discuss the terms of your possible loan contract.

How much might cash loans for bad credit history cost me?

As we are the lender-finder and not the actual lenders, we cannot guarantee what your loan will cost you. Every lender is different and therefore will have different loan terms and fees.

So, to get a better idea of what your loan may cost, you may need to consult the lender directly. Generally, most lenders will have a costs page on their website, where you are able to get a better idea of the costs associated with your loan.

What can I use my personal loan for?

Bad credit loans are fantastic for so many reasons. In particular, one of the best things about this type of loan is that you can use it to pay for so many of life’s little surprises! So, here are some of the top uses for a personal loan.

  • Dental and medical bills – after all, your health comes first!
  • Bond loan!
  • Car repairs and towing costs – put simply, you gotta have those wheels!
  • Home maintenance – because nobody deserves to have a leaking roof or burst pipes!
  • Trips and holidays – ultimately, we all need to unwind sometime!
  • Books and school supplies – first and foremost, there’s no price on quality education!
  • Gifts, 21st birthdays and anniversaries – they only come around once!
  • Furniture, electronics and appliances – because comfort and enjoyment are essential!

In short, cash loans for people with bad credit may be a great way to pay for the things you need, even if your credit record isn’t perfect.

Will you conduct a credit check on my application?

As the lender-finder, Monzi will not conduct a credit check on your application.

In addition, we cannot guarantee whether or not the lender you’re paired with will conduct a credit check. After all, it is at the discretion of the lenders themselves to conduct a credit check on your application.

You can be sure, however, that the lender you’re paired with will not offer you a credit contract that is unsuitable for your situation. This is because Monzi works with lenders who take their responsible lending obligations seriously.

Are cash loans for bad credit history customers easy to get?

If you’ve had your personal loan application rejected in the past, you may have your doubts about getting accepted this time. However, while we can’t promise that we can find a lender for everyone, we can promise that we, and our partner lenders, will always give you a fair go.

With a super-fast application process and no documents to upload, there’s no time to lose. Put your worries aside and apply for a personal loan for bad credit customers through Monzi Loans.

Be aware that approval is not guaranteed. Some consumers may receive approval easily, while others may not.

Are cash loans for bad credit a good idea?

In short, they may be.

If you encounter an expense that you don’t quite have the cash to cover then a cash loan for bad credit could be an option. You’ll receive the cash you need now and can divide the costs evenly into a series of manageable repayments over a fixed period.

However, fast loans bad credit are far from the perfect solution. Not in the least due to the fact that you will always repay more than what you borrow. After all, you must pay fees and interest. As a result, your loan charges can add up over time.

Finally, in some cases, whether or not they are a good idea will depend on how you manage your loan. If you borrow an affordable amount and make your repayments on time then they can be a useful option. However, if you borrow excessively, miss repayments or default on your loan then not only will you ruin your budget but your credit score will take a hit too.

Given this, ensure that you have a clear idea of what you can afford to repay before applying for a loan.

What do I do if my personal loan for bad credit customers is approved?

Celebrate, of course! After you congratulate yourself on a job well done, you’ll have the cash you need to pay for unforeseen expenses or maybe even a relaxing weekend away.

However, there’s just one thing to remember when it comes to loans – paying them on time. Therefore, be sure to read thoroughly through your loan contract before signing anything. This should ensure that you are up to speed with your loan and repayment terms. If you, however, have any questions, get in contact with your lender directly.

If your financial situation changes while you’re repaying your loan and you decline on a payment, you may be charged a fee. Put simply, it’s never a good idea to skip payments or stop paying your loan without telling your loan provider what’s going on. Instead, contact them right away if there’s a problem. You may be able to reach an agreement.

There’s always help available when your household budget is stretched. So, if you’re having trouble making your payments on time get in touch with your lender. After all, they’re there to help you out in all circumstances, good or bad.

Are you ready to transform your financial life? Apply today!

No matter what lemons life throws at you, we’re ready and waiting to find you a lender. However, we can’t do anything if you don’t apply!

If you need fast cash, there’s no time to waste. Consider applying with Monzi Loans today and we’ll do our best to find you a lender, fast.

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Factor In


Two credit cards
Two credit cards

You won't use a penny to apply for our lender-finding service, but here's some costs you could expect from a lender

Loan amount

$300 - $2,000


12 months


20% upfront establishment fee

+ 4% monthly fee


Loan Amount of $1,000 over 6 months repayable weekly (25 weekly repayments). $1,000 (Principal Amount) + $200 (20% Establishment Fee) + $240 (fees based on 4% per month over 25 weeks) = $1,440 total repayable in 25 weekly installments of $57.60.

Under the current legislation, most small personal loan providers don’t charge an annual interest rate (you’ll know this as an APR) %. The maximum you will be charged is a flat 20% Establishment Fee and a flat 4% Monthly Fee. The maximum comparison rate on loans between $300 and $2000 is 199.43%. This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate

Loan amount

$2,001 - $4,600


13 months

24 months


48% annual percantage rate

67.41% comparison rate p.a.


Loan Amount of $3,000 over 18 months repayable weekly (78 weekly repayments). $3,000 (Principle Amount) + $400 (Establishment Fee) + $1,379.06 (reducing interest) = $4,779.06 total repayable over 18 months with weekly installments of $61.27.

The Interest Rate for Secured Medium Loans is 48%. The Typical Comparison Rate is 67.41% p.a. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate with the lender that finances your loan. Click here to see a worked example.

Loan amount

$5,000 - $10,000


13 months

24 months


21.24% annual percantage rate

48% comparison rate p.a.


Loan Amount of $10,000 over 24 months repayable weekly (104 weekly repayments). $10,000 (Principle Amount) + $5,577.12 (Interest) = $15,577.12 total repayable over 24 months with weekly installments of $149.78.

The Interest Rate for Secured Large Amount Loans is 48%. Maximum Comparison Rate is 48% p.a. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate with the lender that finances your loan. Click here to see a worked example.