Rent Arrears Loan – Apply For Quick Cash From $300 To $10,000

Are you late on your rent payments? A rent arrears loan might help you bridge the gap. With Monzi, you can apply from $300 to $10,000. We could match you with lenders offering cash loans today. Easy applications. Fast outcomes. From government assistance to borrowing money, there may be many options to cover your rent in arrears. Learn more with Monzi today.

What does rent arrears mean?

If you are currently renting your home or apartment, then, as you know, you must make weekly rent payments. If you fail to make your rent payment on-time, then you are said to be in ‘rent arrears.’ Essentially, this means that you owe an outstanding rent payment. This is a breach of your tenancy agreement and may have consequences if you do not address this issue quickly (e.g. termination of tenancy). As a result, you must do what you can to pay what you owe ASAP.

What is a rent arrears loan?

A rent arrears loan involves borrowing money to address the outstanding amount of rent that you owe. Through online credit providers, rent arrears loans will come in a standard principal and interest structure. That means that you receive a lump sum upfront (e.g. $2,000) which you can spend. From there, your lender divides your costs into even repayments with interest, over terms ranging from months to years.

Through Monzi, you can apply for rent arrears loans from $300 to $10,000. If approved, you might receive your cash today. That way, you can cover your outstanding amount ASAP. Best of all, it’s quick and easy to get started. In other words, applying is a breeze.

Ultimately, a rent arrears loan might be one way to pay off the amount of rent that you owe. For instance, if you missed your last payment. However, it’s not your only option. As we’ll explore later, there are various government and community rent assistance programs that might be a better option if you find yourself struggling to manage your repayments.

Monzi: we can make life a breeze

So, you’re looking online, trying to find a lender who can offer the rent arrears loan that you need. Well, at Monzi, we’re not a lender. As a result, we can’t offer the cash you need. However, we’re a lender-finder. That means that we might make your life a little easier when cash emergencies strike.

Rather than spending your precious free time trying to navigate search results, let Monzi take the lead. Submit an easy application through our website. From there, we’ll scan our network to try and match you with an available credit provider willing to consider your application. Best of all, you can apply for small personal loans from $300 up to large secured loans of $10,000. As a result, there might be something for everyone.

At Monzi, we work fast. Apply during business hours and you might receive an outcome in just 60 minutes. Moreover, we operate exclusively online. That way, you can complete the whole process from the comfort of your home.

Keen to apply? Monzi’s loan slider at the top of the page is the place to start. Let’s go.

Can I get a government loan to pay my rent?

If you are struggling to pay your rent, you are not alone. In Australia, there are several government and community programs in place that may help you bridge the gap. From benefit payments to one-off grants, there may be an option that fits your needs. See below as Monzi explores government rent assistance for Australians:

Centrelink Rent Assistance

Rent assistance via Centrelink is a supplementary payment that you may be eligible to receive on top of your current regular benefit payment. To be eligible, you must meet the necessary criteria. For instance, you must be paying rent and the amount you pay must exceed a certain threshold.

Your eligibility and the amount of rent assistance you are entitled to will vary based on your personal circumstances and rent. For instance, a young person with no dependents may not be entitled to as much assistance as a single parent with dependent children. In addition to this, rent assistance will be capped at a maximum amount.

You can learn more about rental assistance via Services Australia. Determine whether you are eligible for rent assistance today. It may be one way to help you manage your weekly rent payments.

Government bond loans and rental grants

While the Australian government provides rent support through Centrelink, state and territory governments may provide a range of initiatives designed to assist low-income Aussies access loans for rental bond and other rental grants. Moreover, they may provide public housing too.

That said, these initiatives will vary by your location. As an example, the Queensland government currently offers interest-free bond loans and one-off rental grants to help people in housing crisis move into suitable private housing. So, determine what is available in your location. It may be a cost-effective alternative to borrowing money via a personal loan.

See below for the relevant housing department in your state or territory:

Centrelink Advance Payment

If you receive regular Centrelink benefits, you may be eligible to apply for a Centrelink advance. In short, this involves receiving a fraction of your future payments early. That way, you might be able to access the extra cash you need to cover your rent arrears. Centrelink will then deduct the amount of your advance from your future payments. Best of all, it’s interest-free. However, consider how reduced future payments would impact your budget.

Before applying, you must confirm that you are eligible. In most cases, you must have been receiving your current benefit payment for at least three months. Moreover, you must not have applied for an advance in the preceding 12 months. Beyond that, there may be other relevant criteria you must meet. Visit your nearest Centrelink location or look online to learn more.

Crisis loan for rent arrears

A final option may be to investigate the various community support programs that may be offered through certain charity organisations and other businesses. One example may be the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) which may provide housing loans to eligible, low-income Australians to help cover the cost of rent. Beyond this, there may be some charities that can help you pay rent arrears if you require a crisis payment.

Ultimately, you must investigate any programs operating in your local area. You may find that there is support available if you are struggling to cover your rent payments. These programs may be more suitable than applying for a loan.

Should I apply for rent assistance or a rent arrears loan?

That’s a question that you must answer.

As we’ve touched on, government and community initiatives may provide safe and accessible rent assistance to low-income Australians. From one-off payments to on-going benefits, it’s always best to explore these options first. After all, they won’t come with the high costs often associated with short term cash loans.

However, these programs do come with eligibility criteria and income thresholds. As a result, you must confirm that you are eligible before applying. If you need another option, then you may apply for a rent arrears loan through Monzi from $300 to $10,000. We can potentially match you with a lender who can offer the fast cash online you need today.

That said, consider the costs and consequences before diving into an application. If you are unsure, it may be wise to seek tailored advice from a qualified financial professional.

Can I apply for a rent arrears loan with bad credit?


So, you’ve made a few mistakes in your past. Maybe you missed some repayments or defaulted on a loan. As a result, your credit is a little worse for wear. However, these days, you’re managing your money effectively and have your budget under control.

At Monzi, we know some lenders who understand that your credit history is only part of the story. Your current budget should be just as important too. As a result, if you have bad credit but are maintaining a healthy balance between your income and expenses, then some lenders may be able to offer loans to bad credit borrowers.

That said, approval isn’t guaranteed. Lenders may differ in their views regarding credit scores. As a result, you must meet your lender’s qualifying criteria to be offered a loan.

Credit checks: are they really necessary?

In most cases, they are.

Monzi is a lender-finder. Therefore, we don’t assess your application and won’t conduct a credit check. However, if you are matched with a lender offering rent arrears loans, they will almost certainly conduct a credit check on your application.

In short, this comes down to your lender’s assessment policies. While you may be after online loans with no credit checks, lenders will have procedures that they follow. Therefore, a credit check may be unavoidable as lenders look to assess your creditworthiness.

If you have bad credit, you may feel like a credit check will be the end of your application. Luckily, as we’ve touched on, some lenders understand that your credit score doesn’t always tell the full story. In other words, cash loans for bad credit may be offered in some circumstances.

I need an emergency rent arrears loan today!

Is your rent due today? Applying for a same day loan might seem like the best way for you to cover what you owe. After all, your application might be processed and approved fast, meaning you receive the cash you need before you know it.

While this does sound great, it’s worth noting that Monzi cannot guarantee if you will receive your loan outcome on the same day you apply. Ultimately, that comes down to your lender and the nature of your application. They will do what they can to process your application ASAP. However, in some cases, it’s best to account for a waiting time of at least one business day. In other words, don’t leave your loan application to the last minute.

Apply from $300 to $10,000 with Monzi. With secured and unsecured loan options available, there might be a cash loan that suits you.

Is it possible to get a loan to pay my rent arrears in one hour?

You can’t wait. Your rent must be paid ASAP. As a result, you might be seeking a one hour loan to cover your arrears. While this is perfectly understandable, one hour turnaround times might not always be possible.

At Monzi, we aim to work fast. Before you know it, we could match you with a lender. From there, they will reach out and conduct an assessment. If things go to plan, it’s often possible to receive your loan on the day you apply. However, we cannot guarantee if this will occur within an hour. After all, there will always be some processing times as lenders assess your application.

In any case, if you need cash ASAP via a loan, there are some ways that you may minimise your waiting time. First, supply all the necessary details (e.g. employment information, bank details, etc.). Next, apply during business hours. After all, during these hours, lenders will be able to process your application. Finally, keep an eye on your notifications to ensure you can respond quickly to any correspondence from your lender.

So, if you want a loan and have no time to waste, apply with Monzi. We might match you with a fast cash lender in no time.

Am I eligible to apply with Monzi?

Before you apply for a rent arrears loan, confirm that you check the following boxes:

  • Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Have an email address and mobile phone number.
  • Earned a regular income for the past three months, deposited into an online account.

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria listed above, then your application will not progress. However, if you are eligible, you’re welcome to move onto applying. Find out how below.

How do I apply for a rent arrears loan?

Applying with Monzi is a breeze. Put simply, it might be the easiest thing you do all week. Just set aside a few minutes and follow the instructions. From there, you can get on with your day sooner.

So, when you’re ready to apply, follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose your loan amount and repayment term using Monzi’s loan slider. Note that small loans up to $2,000 come with fixed 12-month terms.
  2. Follow Monzi’s easy instructions and provide the necessary details to complete your online application form. Hit ‘Submit.’
  3. Kick back, relax and get on with your day. Monzi will take it from here. Our automated system will attempt to match you with a lender ASAP.
  4. We’ll contact you via text or email with an outcome. If you apply during business hours, we might match you with a lender in just 60 minutes. From there, your new credit provider will reach out to begin the next stage of the process.

Quick, easy and hassle-free. With Monzi, that’s how it will be. However, remember that approval isn’t guaranteed. Your lender will conduct an assessment to determine if you should be offered a quick cash loan to cover your rent arrears.

A blue family home with rent paid via a rent arrears loan

What information do I need to provide?

All applications are subject to assessment. With this, lenders require some key details that they will use to analyse your current financial situation. From there, they can determine whether it’s suitable for you to borrow money. If you fail to provide any of the necessary details, then your application may be denied or your outcome may be delayed.

So, before you begin, ensure you can provide the following:

  • Personal information (e.g. name, date of birth, etc.)
  • Online banking details
  • Estimates of your current expenses
  • Employment and income details
  • The amount you need to borrow and your reason for applying.
  • MyGov details (if applicable)
  • Any other information that might be relevant.

Note that if you cannot afford the loan you’ve applied for, then lenders may deny your application. In short, this is usually done in your best interests. As a result, it may be wise to consider seeking government support (e.g. Centrelink Rent Assistance), if you are eligible.

How can I avoid applying for rent arrears loans in the future?

Ideally, you’d never need to apply for a rent arrears loan. In short, paying rent should always be one expense that you prioritise, almost above all others. As a result, it should always be factored into your budget.

While applying for a loan here or there may not spell trouble, if you begin to rely on borrowing, then you may experience debt spirals or other similar pitfalls.

Therefore, it’s best to be prepared. See below as Monzi explores ways that you might be able to manage your finances effectively to avoid applying for rent arrears loans in the future.

Budget planning

A well-managed budget might be the best way to avoid financial troubles down the line. While it is by no means foolproof, having a strong understanding of how much you earn, how you are spending your money and how much you have saved can potentially allow you to make smart financial decisions. Moreover, if you save effectively, you might be able to avoid relying on credit entirely.

The best place to start could be Moneysmart’s online budget planning tool. It’s a free, online resource that can help you generate a clear idea of your current financial situation. By seeing where your money goes each month, you may find ways to reduce your spending. That way, you might become a more effective saver.

Establish an emergency fund

It’s always a good idea to put some money away for a rainy day. Rather than keeping it in your day-to-day transaction account, open a new bank account. Each time you receive your income, set aside some money and put it into your emergency account. Over time, it might grow into a handy safety net if you encounter trouble.

Just remember that it’s for emergencies only. While it may be tempting to tap into your emergency fund from time-to-time, do what you can to avoid this. Stay disciplined to ensure that you have some extra cash if things go wrong.

Apply for government assistance

All state and territory governments will provide some level of rent assistance. On a national level, you may be eligible for rent assistance through Centrelink. Ultimately, you should claim what you are entitled to. Government benefits exist to support citizens who need it. So, don’t hesitate to apply if necessary. While a personal loan might seem like an easy solution, the interest charges and fees can make them unaffordable. Therefore, government assistance is usually more suitable.

I need a loan to pay my rent arrears: is it right for me?

At Monzi, we cannot provide financial advice. We’re a lender-finder service only. If you need a loan, we can potentially match you with an Aussie credit provider in just 60 minutes. However, we cannot say whether or not a loan is right for you. That’s up to you. You must assess your current budget to determine whether it’s a wise financial decision.

To get you started, it may be smart to ask yourself the following questions before applying:

  • How much do I need to borrow?
  • What repayment amount can I afford?
  • What are my current expenses?
  • Do I have any other outstanding loans or debts?
  • Have I investigated all other avenues (e.g. government rent assistance) to cover my rent arrears?
  • Is there any way that I can reduce the amount I need to borrow?

Ultimately, use these questions as a starting point. Moreover, consider the fact that lenders apply fees and interest on top of any money you borrow. If you decide to apply with Monzi, then scroll to the top of the page. Fast cash online might be at your fingertips.

Can I get a rent arrears loan on Centrelink?

Through Monzi, you can apply if you are a Centrelink customer. In short, we know some lenders who might offer loans to benefit payment recipients. However, depending on your income and the payment you receive, you may be limited in the amount you can borrow. For instance, some lenders only allow Centrelink customers to borrow up to $2,000. That said, these policies may vary between lenders.

In any case, if you are a low-income earner or a benefit payment recipient, applying for a cash loan might not be right for you. The high costs due to fees and interest mean that your budget may be compromised. As a result, it might be best to find other ways to cover your rent arrears. For instance, you may apply for an advance on your Centrelink benefit payments.

Rent arrears loan: what other home-related expenses can I cover?

At Monzi, we work with lenders who offer personal loans. The best thing about these loans is that they can essentially be spent like cash. As a result, covering your rent arrears may not be the only way to spend the money you borrow. Some other common home expenses you can cover with a personal loan might include:

Relocation loans

Moving house is always a stressful experience. From packing your belongings to booking movers and constructing furniture, it can create significant headaches. Worst of all, it can be expensive too. Therefore, if you need a little extra cash to cover the cost of your next move, Monzi can help. You can apply for relocation loans today from $300 to $10,000. As a result, you might be in your next home before you know it.

Bond loans

Before moving into your next rental property, you must pay a rental bond. As a guide, landlords hold your bond as a form of insurance while you’re a tenant. In short, it’s usually equal to four weeks worth of rent. That’s no small expense. Therefore, if you need a rental bond loan, why not apply with Monzi. Apply from $300 to $10,000.

Home improvement loans

Have you got a few projects to complete around the house? Maybe you’re finally going to build that veggie garden or hang that painting. If you need some extra cash for home improvements, Monzi might point you in the right direction. Set aside a weekend, purchase the supplies you need and tick the items off your to-do list. It’s sure to be rewarding.

Furniture loans

From a new couch to a dining room table, we could all use some new furniture to spice up our household decor. While you might not be able to pay the full price upfront, borrowing money via a personal loan might allow you to divide the costs into instalments over terms ranging from 12 to 24 months. That way, furniture loans might make your purchase more affordable. Just ensure you consider any costs before applying.

Any questions?

We understand that being in rent arrears can be incredibly stressful. Therefore, we’re always here to help you. If you have any questions about Monzi and our lender-finder service, you can contact us at Our customer service team will do what they can to get back to you ASAP.

If you have any questions regarding rental grants, you may need to contact the relevant government housing department for your location. Government rental grant programs vary by state. Therefore, you’ll need to research what’s available to you. For further assistance, you may be eligible to claim rental assistance through Centrelink.

Finally, if you are struggling with debt and find yourself unable to afford your current expenses, contact the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007. You may be connected with a financial counsellor who can offer advice tailored to your situation.

Need a rent arrears loan? Apply with Monzi

If you find yourself in rent arrears, always seek out government assistance first. Determine what you might be eligible for and how it could help you. However, if you’ve exhausted all other options, then you can apply for rent arrears loans with Monzi. We could match you with Aussie lenders offering cash loans from $300 to $10,000.

Monzi is quick, easy and stress-free. You can apply in minutes. Before you know it, we might put you in touch with a great Aussie lender. Pay your moving costs or address your rent arrears.

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Factor In Costs

You won't use a penny to apply for our lender-finding service, but here's some costs you could expect from a lender

Loan amount

$300 - $2,000


12 months (minimum)

12 months (maximum)


20% upfront establishment fee

+ 4% monthly fee


Representative example based on a loan of $1000 over 6 months a borrower can expect to pay a total of $1440.

Disclaimer: Under the current legislation, all Small Amount Credit Contract loan providers don’t charge an annual interest rate. The maximum you will be charged is a flat 20% Establishment Fee and a flat 4% Monthly Fee. The comparison rate on loans between $300 and $2000 could be up to 199.43%. The minimum loan term is 16 days and maximum loan term is 12 months. Representative example based on a loan of $1000 over 6 months a borrower can expect to pay a total of $1440. WARNING: This comparison rate is valid only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate with the lender that finances your loan.

Loan amount

$2,100 - $4,600


13 months (minimum)

24 months (maximum)


47.8% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

65.85% Comparison Rate p.a.


Representative example based on a loan of $2500 over 24 months a borrower can expect to pay a total of $4,556.88.

The maximum interest rate for a Medium Amount Credit Contract is 47.8%. Comparison Rate 65.85% p.a. The maximum loan term is 24 months. Representative example based on a loan of $2500 over 24 months a borrower can expect to pay a total of $4,556.88. WARNING: This comparison rate is valid only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate with the lender that finances your loan. Credit criteria and terms and conditions apply.

Loan amount

$5,000 - $15,000


13 months (minimum)

24 months (maximum)


17% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

36% Comparison Rate p.a.


Representative example based on a loan of $10,000 over 36 months a borrower can expect to pay a total of $16,489.

The starting interest rate for a Personal Loan is 17%. Comparison Rate 36% p.a. The maximum loan term is 24 months. Representative example based on a loan of $10,000 over 36 months a borrower can expect to pay a total of $16,489. WARNING: This comparison rate is valid only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate with the lender that finances your loan. Credit criteria and terms and conditions apply.